Whether it is a global annual conference, a medium-sized sales training or a manageable staff seminar: Prof. Dr. Arnd Zschiesche and Prof. Dr. Oliver Errichiello illustrate the full potential of brand - worldwide - in a duo or alone in a mixture of information and stylish entertainment.

Each presentation is tailored to the respective cultural and industry-specific patterns with concrete practical examples.

With profound recourse to the sociology of brands, the individual questions of the audience are addressed and allow a view "beyond the end of one's nose" of one's own industry. In order to provide motivation for independent creativity, we speak plainly and clean up "industry wisdom".


Berlin - Brussels - Dubai - Hong Kong- Frankfurt am Main - Innsbruck - Jakarta - Leipzig - London - Lucerne - Milan - Moscow - Munich - Paris - Beijing - Shanghai - Singapore - St. Petersburg - Stuttgart - Vienna - Zurich

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