Based on 20 years of dealing with the subject of brands, the Büro für Markenentwicklung/Office for Brand Management constantly refines its programs and methods. The continually updated knowledge flows into the brand consulting on the one hand and is conveyed to interested parties via numerous publications on the other hand. Over the years, more than 20 books and numerous essays have been written with the aim of providing comprehensive knowledge on corporate brand management. In the study of “Brand Management” at German-speaking universities and colleges, the publications belong to the body of standard literature and are regularly cited.

Reality in Branding

From breakfast cereals to smartphones, nothing is left unbranded: brands arewith us every step of the way. We define ourselves through the brands wesurround ourselves with. Even if we reject brands, that’s a brand statement.Brands are everywhere in the 21st century – that’s exactly why we all have anopinion on them. When it comes to private life, there is little objection to this concept. However, when it comes to brand management and brand positioning with -in a company, personal sensitivities and feelings are out of plac

Too many opinions, too little wisdom: In 50 timeless answers, brand sociologistsDr. Arnd Zschiesche and Prof. Dr. Oliver Errichiello put a stop to the branddebates that are shaped by the zeitgeist. They speak in plain language wherevague chatter typically prevails. And they show why every brand is a socialphenomenon that has an impact: It’s about the management of social “hardfacts.” Not just in Europe. Classic European Brand Management leads the way forevery company seriously focusing on economic success for the long term –internally, as well. It’s time for timeless, value-oriented Branding from the oldcontinent.

Green Branding

The book analyzes the success factors of ecological and social brands and offers insights into the strategies of modern corporations, family businesses and social enterprises. What are the characteristics of successful "green brands" in the long term? How can they be effectively developed, managed and communicated?

Based on business administration, brand sociology and social psychology, the authors describe overarching structural features and demonstrate solutions step by step using concrete examples. Experiences in the development and Europe-wide implementation of the green brand "wooden radio" form the basis for numerous recommendations that can be directly implemented. The reader receives clear analysis and implementation tools to anchor already existing sustainable brands in daily business and to develop young brands in a planned manner. The 2nd edition has been extensively revised and supplemented with current examples.

Inspiring for all who want to make green brands strong.

Order in Chaos - Cybernetics of Brand Management

Cybernetics is a science for understanding and systematically using information. As a subject of cybernetics, the brand is becoming increasingly important, especially in times of acceleration and infinite, global commodity markets. Only those who are able to preserve their patterns in the age of change and adapt them again and again to the requirements of the times will survive. Neither customer data nor creative ideas help here, but a sound knowledge of the structural functioning of all living beings - organic and social. By bringing together brand sociology and management cybernetics, this essential clarifies the invisible social forces of attraction. By illustrating the overarching dynamics of all (living) systems, universal insights can be gained and planned strategies developed.

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